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Fastbraces in Glendale, AZ


Fastbraces are fairly new to the world of orthodontic dentistry. Due to the affordability and ease of use, this advanced technology is changing the way teeth are straightened.

At Paseo Ranch Pediatric Dentistry, we are proud to offer Fastbraces to our patients in the Glendale, AZ, area.

Traditional Orthodontic Treatment

With traditional braces, teeth are shifted into the desired positions in multiple stages. The average time for brackets and wires to be worn is two years. During year one, the goal is to align the crowns and get them in the proper places. Throughout the second year, we focus on achieving the proper alignment and position of the root of each tooth.

How Fastbraces Work

However, Fastbraces work much differently. The triangular brackets and square wire move the entire tooth, from crown to root, from the beginning. This patented system allows concurrent alignment and, as a result, saves time. In fact, with this innovative method, you can expect the treatment time to be anywhere from 3 months to a year. This all depends on the nature of your teeth and the severity of your case. For some patients, results are visible in just weeks.

Another great benefit of Fastbraces is that there is less friction compared to traditional braces. For that reason, there is also less pain. After the desired result is achieved, a retainer must be worn for a prescribed period. You will only need to wear it for about 15–20 minutes per day. If you choose, you can also wear the retainer overnight.

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Does your child have crooked or gapped teeth? Have you been considering orthodontic treatment options but don’t want to invest 2 to 3 years? Call Paseo Ranch Pediatric Dentistry today to schedule a consultation. During this time, your dentist in Glendale, AZ, will determine if your child is a candidate for Fastbraces. This type of gentle orthodontic correction fixes smiles in months instead of years. What’s more, there is less pain and, in most cases, no need for extractions.

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